Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Garage Sale Goodies

A few weeks back, West Seattle held its annual Community Garage Sale Day. One of my favorite days of the year, after Christmas and Thanksgiving, of course! ;) Harper has gone with me for the last couple of years, and she has totally gotten into the art of wheeling and dealing. She scored a Barbie pool, 3 newer Barbies, and a Barbie jeep in a package deal for 5 bucks. All because a dad sitting in his driveway felt sorry for my big-blue-eyed daughter who only had one five-dollar-bill left in her wallet but loved all of his daughter's Barbie stuff.

I happened to score some sweet stuff as well... I am in love with this vintage suede hot pink handbag, which cost me all of 2 dollars.

These hardback sewing books were a steal at 4 dollars for both. Because I'm new to sewing, I hadn't heard of Lotta Jansdotter, but I love her clean Scandinavian aesthetic. Can't wait to try my hand at the projects in her books!

And finally, these spiffy Lacoste tennis shoes to wear with polo shirts and walking shorts. And they cost me a buck!
Happy garage sale adventures, everyone!!

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  1. That pink purse is so cute! Such great finds. :]