Friday, June 10, 2011

Nifty Necklace Holder

I was finally fed up. Fed up with digging through my jewelry box, attempting to pull out a necklace to spruce up my outfit, and finding it was totally tangled in earring posts, bracelets, and other necklaces. While I'd love to have a cute jewelry tree thingy on my bathroom counter, let's be honest-- I have 3 kids, and 3 kids worth of toothbrushes, toothpaste, cups, and other toiletries cluttering up my counter. I don't need another thing added to it. So while I was browsing Marshalls, I spotted this coat hanger and thought what a perfect jewerly/accessory holder it would make.
The theme seemed to match jewelry, and it was easy enough to hang right on my bathroom wall.

Best of all, it was on clearance for $5. I'm all for making crafts, but to be honest, when the finished product costs less than buying all the supplies to create something like this, I go for the finished product.

But if you are feeling especially crafty, or can't find a cute finished one at your local stores, I've seen these unfinished at Joann's for a couple of bucks. Some stencils and a can of spray paint later, and you too can have one of these hanging on your wall, holding all of your sparkly treasures.

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