Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Red, White, and Cute All Over

Wow, can the 4th of July holiday really be less than 2 weeks away? Crazy! Between Easter happening so late this year and my kids only getting out of school a week ago, my second favorite holiday (only after Christmas) has snuck up on me. Mason has his Old Navy flag shirt ready to go, but I just had to do something "cutesy" for the girls.   ~Just to clarify, I'd love to do something cutesy for Mason too, but his 8-year-old little self would much rather wear the t-shirt.~  Anyway, these tops were super-easy to whip up on Sunday from some fabric I found in the remant bin at Joann's. I did a more mature style for Harper-- one shouldered, with a crocheted star applique. The applique started out as a flower, and was in a pre-purchased pack from Ikea (see yesterday's post for how I used the rest).  Because I wanted a patriotic theme, though, I cut it into a star shape and used fray check around the sides after cutting.

My Georgia will only be 4 for so long, so why not take advantage of it? She loves the ric rac, the ruffle down the front, the eyelit trim as shoulder straps... all of the things that little girls outgrow too quickly.

They make quite the pair... my little patriotic princesses!

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