Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Fun Weekend Projects

This weekend was a busy one, but I had time to squeeze in a few fun projects. A relative shared the first idea with me... cutting open glow sticks and splattering them into glass vases to make a fun patio table light.

The kids thought it was super cool. May have overdone the amount of glowstick goo a bit, but oh well!

I wanted to complete a little project for Mason as he seems to frequently get the short end of the stick project-wise. He loves Harry Potter, and I have seen several artists on Etsy and other places making these little wooden peg dolls. Of course, I would never sell mine since I borrowed the idea (that's the reason I like to tell myself, never mind the squiggly lines and such!)

The creepy looking one is Voldemort, if you can't tell. :) They may not be perfect, but Mason loves them!

I finally finished up a project for me that I've been working on for a while. I found this retro Levi's fabric purse/hobo bag at the Goodwill outlet. I thought it would be perfect to do a bit of embroidery on. The book I used for the patterns is "Embroidery for Little Miss Crafty" by Helen Dardik.

Now, its time for my favorite part of completing weekend projects.... deciding which projects to work on next weekend! :)

Friday, August 5, 2011

For the Birds

I love birds. I envy their ability to fly away upon a whim. I love how fluffy they look and how fragile they are. I love waking up to their songs in the morning.

I love birds so much that last week I got bird tattoos on my wrists to symbolize my happy little family. <3

Last Friday-- a cheerful, sunny Friday--I happened upon a "vintage linen" sale at an old house here in West Seattle. 4 older ladies gathered their things together to sell, and while eager scavengers scoured their goods, they sat on the covered porch of the home and drank raspberry lemonade. I found little bird trinkets that I made into jewelry.

To top off my bird week, I spotted a bird embroidery project in Jenny Hart's AWESOME book, "Embroidered Effects." I had the perfect jeans for this project-- old, soft, and faded. It was fun to stitch them and it is fun to wear them.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Georgia Shirt for My Georgia Girl

As you may know, I'm totally obsessed with Pinterest, a website where people "pin" their favorite things.... quotes, outfits, projects, recipes.... on to their own personal "bulletin boards." It's very addicting and very interesting to look at. Anyway, I've noticed lots of map projects like framed maps of where people met and fell in love and map puzzles and placemats. That gave me the idea, since my youngest daughter is named after a state, to make her a state of Georgia shirt. How cute for her to have a shirt displaying where her family is from as well as her name!  I just printed out a Georgia state map from Google images and traced it on to a piece of white felt. After cutting out the outline of the state, I embroidered "Georgia" onto the felt followed by a cut out heart. Then, for the last step, I hand sewed the state to a black t-shirt. Georgia is so proud of her new name/state shirt!