Friday, August 5, 2011

For the Birds

I love birds. I envy their ability to fly away upon a whim. I love how fluffy they look and how fragile they are. I love waking up to their songs in the morning.

I love birds so much that last week I got bird tattoos on my wrists to symbolize my happy little family. <3

Last Friday-- a cheerful, sunny Friday--I happened upon a "vintage linen" sale at an old house here in West Seattle. 4 older ladies gathered their things together to sell, and while eager scavengers scoured their goods, they sat on the covered porch of the home and drank raspberry lemonade. I found little bird trinkets that I made into jewelry.

To top off my bird week, I spotted a bird embroidery project in Jenny Hart's AWESOME book, "Embroidered Effects." I had the perfect jeans for this project-- old, soft, and faded. It was fun to stitch them and it is fun to wear them.


  1. You're so clever! One of my favorite songs is Bob Marley's "Three Little Birds". Congrats on your new tat and your beautiful family.

  2. Your tatoo looks amazing! Did it hurt getting it on your wrist??

  3. Thanks Shauna! Debi- I also have a tattoo on my ankle and it did hurt worse than getting that one. But I was able to smile and have a conversation with the artist while getting it done, so it wasn't too bad! :)