Monday, July 25, 2011

Simple Sunday and a Simple Skirt

Hooray for lovely, simple weekends around the neighborhood...

We had blue skies, finally, and 80 degrees. Aaaaaah, perfect!  Saturday was great fun as it was my dad's birthday. We celebrated by having them over and heading down the road to the West Seattle Grand Parade.  I heart neighborhood parades.

The pirates are a favorite with the kids. They blast a very loud cannon, however, that makes us jump out of our skins!

Sunday was a lovely, simple day too-- we went to church, and we went to a beach not far from our home. We first attempted to go to Alki Beach in West Seattle, but couldn't find parking. After searching far and wide on all of the surrounding streets for almost a half hour, we gave up and headed back towards home. That's when we remembered Jack Block Park-- an amazing, little-known park just down from Alki. So that was our new destination.

The city view from Jack Block Park.

 Such clear water!

Notice the shoes... really? On a rocky beach, Harper?


Some friendly visitors.

After heading home, I felt like sewing something in my sunny, breezy dining room make-shift sewing room. I found a tutorial on Simple Simon & Co, and it seemed to fit the theme our simple and sunny weekend: Starboard Skirt Tutorial. It is meant for little girls, I quickly discovered, but I decided to make it for myself. I had some heavier vintage home decor fabric that I used, and I did not alter the formula given in the tutorial. I highly recommend this tutorial for beginners-- it was such a pleasure to make something in an hour and enjoy myself the entire time! No frustration here! The one thing I need to do-- that I realized after looking at these photos-- is that I need to press the inverted pleats so that they travel all the way down to the bottom hem of the skirt. Other than that, I love how it turned out, and I can't wait to make more-- perhaps I will make one for the girls next time. :)

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  1. Darling skirt!!! My sister lives in Tacoma and we saw the same pirate float at Daffodil Days Parade over Spring Break and I seriously screamed.....What a fun weekend!