Friday, July 15, 2011

Mug Rugs and a Bearded Dragon

Harper has had a blast at Magic Treehouse Camp this week. For those of you with kids, I'm sure you've heard of the fabulous "Magic Treehouse" series, where a brother and sister travel to different countries and time periods via a magic treehouse in their backyard. Both Mason and Harper love the series. Harper's first grade teacher from this past year, Ms. Schwendeman, and her talented daughter, Rachel, decided to do a few week-long camps this summer, one of which was this Magic Treehouse camp. Harper was a thrilled participant and has learned about Italy, the Phillipines, and other locales. As a small token of our appreciation of Ms. Schwendeman and Ms. Rachel, I decided to attempt to make these mug rugs that I found over at Wild Olive. I know for a fact that Ms. Schwendeman loves tea, and I'm hoping that Ms. Rachel does, too!

Please visit the Wild Olive blog for the tutorial... here are a few photos of what I came up with.

All cut out and ready to assemble.

Ms. Schwendeman's mug rug

Ms. Rachel's mug rug

Back of the mug rug

In other news, Mason-- my sweet, handsome little Mason whom you rarely see because little girl patterns and ideas are so much more plentiful-- saved up his allowance and gift money to purchase his very own pet. He is the new owner of a cute little bearded dragon named Sylvia.

Sylvia is 7 months old and very friendly. Her previous owner was a little boy Mason's age, so she already seems quite comfortable with Mason. Mason decided to read her a book last night (How To Train Your Dragon, naturally!) and I could swear that the little thing was really into the story. She paid rapt attention the entire time.

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