Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I Heart Nautical

Maybe it's because Gareth was in the Navy... or maybe it's because we live on Puget Sound... for whatever reason, I love things with a nautical theme. So when I saw this fabric at the Pacific Fabric outlet, I knew I needed to make a garment from it.

I had been saving this vintage pattern for Spring, and it seemed to be a perfect match for the nautical material. I especially like "View B", or the "pirate girl", as my kids said. "Do the pirate girl one!" was the consensus from all 3, and so I did.

It figures that right after I bashed patterns in my last post, I used a pattern that I totally loved, was very simple, and can't wait to use again. The top took no time at all, and who knew that shorts were so easy to make? Especially with an elastic waistband. I'm not usually a fan of an elastic waistband, but with a longer shirt that covers it up, I guess it is acceptable! :)

And coming soon to Just Five Minutes More...
Potholder projects!

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  1. I love the outfit and I love the fabric for the shorts. So cute!