Thursday, April 28, 2011

She's Off to See the Wizard

Finally, after months of worrying if I would mess it up, I got the courage to make Harper's Dorothy costume for her class play. So far, I haven't worried that much about messing up my sewing projects-- the only consequence would be that the items wouldn't be worn out of the house...and at least I will have gotten more sewing practice! But this-- if I messed this up, the entire audience would wonder where I found such a pitiful costume. Plus I want Harper to look just perfect, of course!  I started out with a pattern, but after an hour or so, I tossed it. I'm coming to realize that patterns overwhelm me. They stress me out. They make me confused. So I buried it in the bottom drawer of my sewing table and just winged it by getting lots of dresses out of her closet and taking a stab at how I wanted it to turn out. And I must say that I didn't do too badly-- at least the mistakes are in areas that can be hidden!

She's off to see the wizard!

Click your heels together 3 times and
repeat after me...

Maisy the chihuahua as Toto

Toto, I mean Maisy, trying to escape!

Never a more beautiful Dorothy!


  1. so cute! The dress turned out fabulously! There's definitely no place like home!!