Thursday, April 21, 2011

Bunnies for my Honeys

Spring sunshine has finally found its way to Seattle, and just in time for Easter!  Gareth, the kids (aka my "honeys") and I have been enjoying some outdoor time together. Last weekend we visited Jack Block Park here in West Seattle, and we attempted to fly a kite at Alki Beach. "Attempted" is the key word!

This year for Easter, I really wanted to make my girls' Easter dresses, but then I realized that their dresses from last year still fit... so I decided to make all of the kids Easter bunnies instead!  I had loads of minky scraps from my mom, and I loved this vintage-inspired Easter bunny tutorial from sew4home, which you can find here: Bunny Tutorial. I think the kids will love how they turned out. I can't wait to see their faces on Easter morning when they see their baskets... however, the Easter Bunny will not be getting credit for these little creations. Mommy spent hours making them, so the kids will definitely know that Mommy is the one who put them in their Easter baskets!

Georgia's bunny

Harper's bunny

Mason's bunny

Love the soft bunny feet!


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  1. SO GLAD to see what you came up with for some of the fabric remnants! The kids will love them.