Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Gifts From My Grandmothers

My grandmothers were both born in the month of April. And they both died in the month of April. They both lived to be 79 years old. So naturally, April is a month in which I remember my grandmas-- how much I miss them, how much I love them (notice the present tense-- people die, but our love for them doesn't), and how much they've given me.

My mom's mom was named Ernestine. She was an only child, and full of spunk. I called her Grandma Basting.

My dad's mom was named Melanie. She was full of spunk too. She is on the left, and her sister, Leonore, is on the right. Their mom, Sophie, is in the middle. I called her Grandma Becker.

They were both such strong women. Both opinionated, both determined, both confident. They were my friends and my cheerleaders as well as my grandmas. I know now, because of who I attempt to be, that I want to be like them.

I want to sew like Grandma Basting. I want my kids to feel the love from what I sew for them like I still feel the love from my Grandma in the quilts she made for me. I want my house to smell like big breakfasts on Saturday mornings, and like apple pie on Saturday evenings. I want to take care of my parents one day as well as she took care of hers. I want to be a hard worker and have a beautiful garden and laugh as often and as heartily as she laughed.

I want to hug like Grandma Becker. Oh, to feel one of her long, strong hugs again! I want to wear fuschia lipstick and her big fur coat (sorry, PETA) and tell funny stories as well as she told stories about her city life and her farm life. I want to represent my German heritage as well as she did, through her words and her cooking. I want to watch beauty pageants and have the guts to say what I really think and to laugh as often and as heartily as she laughed.

I want Gareth to know that I love him as much as my grandmas loved their husbands.

Grandma and Grandpa Becker, 1941

I want my kids to know that I love them as much as my grandmas loved their kids.

And I hope to one day experience the blessing of grandchildren, and to love them and teach them, and to give them as much as my grandmas gave me.


  1. Found you on Sew Retro. Your post is making me miss my Gram, too. If I ever get married, I want to copy her 1950's wedding dress. Someone told me when she died that, "it will be crazy the number of times you think of her" and they were so right! Great post - I think anyone with awesome grandparents like yours can relate!

  2. Great job as always!
    Can't read this with
    a dry eye...

  3. I too found you on Sew Retro. I can totally relate to this post. My grandmother will be 82 on Monday and I feel alot of these same sentiments in regards to her. Our birthdays are a week apart (mine was this past Monday) and feel more and more like her as time passes. ((hugs)) to you and your beautiful grandmothers.