Monday, November 14, 2011

A Wee Bit Late

How did October get away from me? How is it that Thanksgiving is just over a week away? I guess when you keep busy, time does fly. October was quite the celebration month for the Kenee family. I turned the big 3-5, which is a little weird to me. I remember my grandma telling me when she was in her 70's that though her body kept aging, in her mind, she still felt like a young girl. I know what she means now. 35 always sounded so old to me, and in my head, it doesn't feel like I'm getting old yet! Mid-October our church celebrated 100 years, and we had a very fun celebration weekend-- bowling and a banquet, and all 3 kids sang in the celebration choir. Toward the end of the month, we celebrated Mason's 9th birthday at the park, and by some miracle, we had a rain-free Saturday in the month of October in Seattle!  Of course, the kids had a blast on the last night of the month, trick or treating around the neighborhood as 2 little witches and an angry bird. A very fun fall month was had by all, and now we are getting into the holiday spirit with Thanksgiving and Christmas crafts, which should be good reason to do a better job keeping up on this blog!

3 kids ready to sing at the celebration banquet
Proud of her banquet outfit

Kind of a date night, I guess!
9 years went by so quickly!

Witch #1

Witch #2

Who is that angry bird?

It's Mason, of course!

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