Monday, October 3, 2011

Pumpkin Patch!

What a lovely, cool, fun, fabulous fall Saturday we had!

After breakfast, we headed to a pumpkin farm in Carnation, which is just past Redmond, Washington. It would have only taken us about 40 minutes to get there, but due to conversation and sight seeing and a stop at Starbucks after we missed the turn, it took us about an hour and a half. :)  Gareth and I decided on this particular farm because we are tired of the commericalizing and overpriced activities of the majority of the pumpkin patches around here. Corn mazes: 8 bucks a person; hayrides: 3 bucks a person; kids' fall-themed play area and petting zoo: 3 bucks a kid-- it gets to be a bit ridiculous, and a family of 5 could easily spend 100 bucks for a day at the patch. Jubilee Farm was so delightfully different from that type of farm... the only time the farm is open to the public is in October. Otherwise it is a co-op farm that grows all kinds of organic fruits and veggies. The owners, a husband and wife, gave FREE horse-drawn hayrides to the pumpkin area, and they had a FREE hay maze set up in a barn for the kids. They had pigs and chickens and horses to look at, and all kinds of old farm equipment. In fact, the only things we spent money on were the pumpkins we purchased! The patch didn't just have your run-of-the-mill sugar pumpkins, but gorgeous deep red Cinderella pumpkins, and all kind of squash and gourds too. We will be heading back next year for sure!!

Arriving at the farm...

Such pretty colors!

On the tractor-pulled hayride
A bit windy and cool!
Mommy and Georgia

Gareth gazing at the fields of pumpkins

Love this color!

Our favorite was somewhere over there, Dad...

Pretty Harper

Pretty Georgia


Actually, I think our favorite was this way...

The horse-drawn hayride brought us back from the fields

In the hay maze

Whoops! Bonked heads in the hay maze!

Handsome Mason


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