Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sew Surprised

Yesterday, Gareth and Mason got a haircut while we were out and about. What better excuse to go into my FAVORITE fabric store, which happens to be right down the road! West Seattle Fabric Company is such a quaint, cheerful little shop with the most beautiful fabrics everywhere you look. The owner, Monica, always makes me feel so welcome, like I'm visiting an old friend. Its nearly impossible to go in there without leaving with a little something... this time I got a yard and a half of a fabric to make a top for myself for Spring. And that was it-- aren't you proud of the restraint that I exercised, Gareth? Here is the top I made last night with my new fabric and some scraps I had at home. I'm surprised it turned out as well as it did! (This learning to sew thing is totally trial and error.)

This morning we ventured to early church, and the sweetest lady named Beth gave the girls a surprise. She knows I've been learning to sew, and a few weeks ago, she told me all about how she used to make wrap dresses for her daughter's consignment store. So when we walked in this morning, guess what she gave us: a bag with the 2 most adorable wrap dresses inside! Here they are on the girls:

And finally, Georgia got a fun surprise in the mail this week: Gigi made her an animal-themed dress! Georgia is already asking when we can go to the zoo so that she can wear it there.

Love these fun surprises that came our way this week... Now, to shut down the computer and check out the Oscar fashions!


  1. Shannon you did an awesome job on your top!! I keep thinking I should learn to sew...I always am needing my pants hemmed. Good job!!

  2. Cute top. A sewing machine is on my "want list". I used to sew in high school out of necessity. I made my dress for prom that Jeremy and I went to. Now I have little crafty ideas. Thanks for "friend-ing" my blog.

  3. Way that the Spring Top from Made by Rae? I made one 2 spring's one of my favorites!

  4. I want them in my bed so I can unwrap them