Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Lemonade Out of Lemons

I was so hoping that by now I'd have posted a recently completed craft or sewing project, but I got this horrible cold over the weekend that just won't seem to go away. I feel totally yucky and have been lucky to be able to stay home the past few days. I won't say that I have gotten much rest because the kids are out on Winter Break this week. I love having them home with me, but I feel so guilty laying on the couch instead of playing with them. Nevertheless, I had such bright, happy moments while blowing my nose and shivering under a blanket, namely:
-Watching "Apollo 13" with Mason, followed by watching the University of Illinois basketball game. They lost and were down most of the game, but I loved hearing Mason say repeatedly throughout the WHOLE game: "They're right on their tails, Mama! Don't worry, Mama! There is still time to catch up!" My dad and brother would be so proud.
-Having Mason smile sweetly, rub my head, and tell me that because I had on a white bathrobe I looked like an angel. Never mind my pale face and chapped lips and red nose and crazy bed head hair! I will never, ever get rid of that robe...
-Seeing the snow begin to fall, and yelling hysterically upstairs to the girls to come down. Harper came running down the stairs, asking what was wrong, and when I told her that nothing was wrong and that I was just excited about the snow, she said, "Oh, Mama, I was scared you had set the kitchen on fire again!" For the record, I never set an entire kitchen on fire, just a burner on the stove a couple of times.

It looks like I will be home again tomorrow, and I can't say that I'm disappointed. Despite being as sick as a dog, I feel so happy and cozy and content being surrounded by my children.

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