Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas Tree Quest 2011

The Saturday after Thanksgiving, we went on our annual Christmas tree quest. We go to Tiger Mountain in Issaquah to a particular farm, but when we arrived, they had a big sign on the barn that said....
Not sure how you can be sold out 2 days after Thanksgiving, but oh well... there were plenty of other farms that we could check out in the area.
We happened upon a farm way off the beaten path-- while attempting to follow the signs to it we thought we were lost, but nope-- it was just way out in the boonies. The farm was called "Crystal Creek", and wow, was it pretty! They had Christmas music playing over loud speakers and fields of beautiful Noble Firs.

We started looking in one field, then went to the middle field, then to the right field, and then all the way back to where we started again.

There were little trees, huge trees, and trees with a peek-a-boo space in the middle...

In some areas, the trees were so close together, you could barely walk between them...

Finally, we found the one--

Everyone had to take a turn sawing it down!

While Daddy put the tree on the van roof, we played with the nice farm dogs and rode on an old train car thingy that the owner of the farm had restored.

The owner of the farm, the nice gentleman pictured above in the engineer's cap, gave the kids rides. He said that if we come back next year, he will have his trolley up and running, and will give us a ride on that too.

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