Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas Crafts

Thanks to the emergence of Pinterest in this past year, I have become a bit obsessed with crafts. Especially Christmas crafts. I think it was sometime in July that I started a board for holidays, and it is filled with crafts for Christmas. I used to think of crafts as things like those wooden bead necklaces that your elementary school teachers wore, but I've come to realize that crafts can be modern, bright, and much more inexpensive than buying something at the designer stores. 

I have always liked ornament wreaths-- so bright and shiny and pretty. I saw one a few weeks back at Target for about $25, but I knew that I could make one for less than that. I had a foam wreath form from a rummage sale waiting to be used, so I gathered all of my unused ornaments and my glue gun. I also found a little wooden sign at the dollar store that I added to the top. I began by gluing on the largest ornaments and I just kept adding the smaller ones around and on top of the bigger ones until it looked complete.

There are still some areas of foam wreath peeking through, but I'll just head back to the dollar store and pick up a few extra ornaments.

I also had foam trees from the same rummage sale, so I decided to make ribbon trees. Michaels had lots of wired ribbon on sale on Black Friday, so each tree cost about $2.50 to make-- 50 cents for each tree form and about $2 of ribbon on each tree. I simply cut pieces of ribbon in approximately 5 inch lengths, and then I folded them in half and glued them around the tree from bottom to top.

These crafts were lots of fun and took the span of a Christmas movie to complete. Plus, the kids (well, Harper anyway) loved helping. Harper cut the ribbon for the trees while I glued it on.

Now, back to Pinterest for more craft inspiration!

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